Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Double Standards

if you lie with dogs and get fleas all over your body and i dont feel bad for you.
i would never feel bad for you.

if the roles were reversed,i'd want you to be so sorry for me. yes i live a life of double standards.

for certain friends, family, boys, girls and what not.

for instance if i have so many ex-female friends that have messed up and i havent looked back once. like i cant be bothered. thing is if my male friend did the exact same thing, i probably wont notice. and if i did, it wont be such a big deal.

maybe this has everything to do with the fact that i like boys. and boys like me.

i have no idea why people complain about double standards, the sooner women accept that its a man's world, the better for them.

and no i havent gone to see Zer yet, although now i feel like i live in mtn customers care office, as in all the calls he gives me. gosh.

i eventually gave in and said i would see him yesterday but Debo showed up mine. *pleasant surprise* so we saw the game together. and Zer took the back burner.

apparently some1 has snitched me to the lover that i plan on seeing Zer, and i know i was snitched because he doesnt read my blog. like wth???

anyways that one is your bizness jare. moving on i need a tailor, my new tailor is a melz up and the old one is MIA. i am desperate. ive found one at satelite town and one at badagry express way.

jdge me all u want i love perfectly done clothes. that is all there is.
i finally took out my dreads and my hair got burnt, as expected.

ive been blabbing, im under so much pressure right now. *fingers crossed* hopefully all of this would come through fine.

pray for me.
and accept that men rule the world.

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