Monday, August 23, 2010


usually, im a happy bunny, but this Monday Morning its different, and im worried, i cant ascribe this happiness to any thing.
i mean if i list all the reasons i should be unhappy it would be the length of 3rd mainland bridge, but im happy. super excited. i wasnt out all weekend. i jsut realised how expensive my holiday will be. and damn its a monday for chrissake and im still this jolly.

im sure im pissing people off atm, with all my jollyness, but i cant hel it, i feel like santa!!! coupled with the fact that... i am broke! and waht not, im still happy.

i even kinda enjoyed school yesterday, i wasnt floating as much and the lecturer was kinda flirting with me. :) well he asked for the total figure from me.

i even managed to snag a seat at work today. damn im so excited. i'll go to the gym:) today!!

i even had breakfast! i am sooo happy, this is ridiculous!

ok ok ok. im stopping now. but i am super happy today!!!

like seriously *singing* i am HAPPY!!! :)

A very very happy

ps: i saw shrek4. really good movie. now cats and dogs left to see.
pss: NYSC ends very very soon, by 2nd week in sept im going to take my 3 week terminal leave! * excited*
psss: im actually picking up post depression of failing my exams.
pssss: i wish everyone this kind of happiness. surely it must be From God!!!


omobonike said...

like I said this

Anonymous said...

I am happy..!!!

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