Tuesday, August 3, 2010

yori yori remix

at first i was mad at the bracket boys.

like how do u get tuface in the studio and then you do a remix?? *side eye*

asides the fact that tuface is the best thing Nigeria has produced. in my opinion. (evidence supporting my argument is AFRICAN QUEEN)

anyways so since i have established my obession with tuface. he did not dissapoint me.

only him can take a super smash hit like yori yori and totally kill it. as in we go together like google and searching? :D

*insert chessy smile*

anyways so yori yori was supposed 2 be my dance into reception song, for people that attend Nigerian receptions, you know wats up.

but after listening to this song, my dear future husband will have to bring barcket and tuface to the wedding o.

because nothing else is going to work.

" we go be together forever....nobody go seprate us....


ps: who was "michelle" abi "rochelle" that they did a shout out for in the begining?
i am totally jealous. that is all.

1 comment:

Myne Whitman said...

Yori yori remix is just OK. African Queen still the classic.


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