Tuesday, August 17, 2010

DAMN im pissed.

so i was going to blog about how a friend of mine needs 2 get her shit together and stuff. but i wont because she called me "little Miss Perfect" seeing as i have my shit together.

people, she may have meant to insult me, but as a matter of fact, i do have my shit together. i know how arrogant that may sound, but lets face it. i am pretty much a very big deal. scrap that, i am a fucking huge deal. in my mind off course. i didnt tell her that, i just ended the chat.

her is a friendship that i feel i should have ended a long time agao, and i believe that the time is now.

anyways that isnt why im blogging. let me start by saying. i do not have a problem with muslims or christains. i am an anglican,born, batpized, confirmed and God willing i willget married in an anglican church. but that isnt the point, the point is this. i dont know how 2 insert links or any of that stuff so imma give u a quick run down.

during the muslim service, a christain girl disguised herself as a muslim, went into the mosque and waited till the alfa proceeded to call to pray, then she got up and started scremaing "Jesus is Lord, Allah cannot save you" and the likes.

offcourse she was attacked and badly injured, luckily for her, University security intervened and saved her, now the muslims are protesting, that the girl should be expelled.

i believe, no i strongly believe she should be expelled with immediate effect.i know the general concensus is ahnn that is too harsh, because i told 2 women in my office the same thing and they said i was mean.

please this girl attends MFM, no offense to MFM goers) this is a church where they "physically fight" the air in the name of fighting enenmies. imagine if a muslim waltzed in during the service, sat thru till it was quiet and started screaming about how Allah is God. i dont even wanna think about how they would react on sight of a physical enemy.

how about the Cele people that beat thier members that are posssed? how much more a " supposed enemy"

what she did was a total fanatic move. and it should not be allowed at all. we live in a present Nigeria where religious tensions are high enough as it is, then a final year student makes a move as stupid as this... please kick her out.

off course seeing as we are in Nigeria, they would say "her fathers people" dont want her 2 finish and all the other baseless excuses Nigerians give when somethings happen.

i am a christain, and i strongly believe in the principles of forgiveness, but this is an institution, where you have freedom of expression, freedom of religon, and this is how you choose to mess it up. i sat expel her christain church going ass. WHAT???

because this is a person that has been in the system for 4 years, a law student, "apparently" the best in her class and she pulls a stunt like that?
what if she was killed? then everyone would come down on all the muslims in that school and what not.

i know how we all want to win souls for christ, but i think these new churches need to incorporate a new method of winning souls for christ.

just thinking about it makes me so MAD, maybe its because the school i attended never gave us the chance to express our view, they held those hapharzad "student forums" and that was just for eye service. because they never used to take that shit seriously.

i strongly believe the only way Nigeria can live tension free is if people respect religious boundries. i mean your religion has over 20 different denominations, and there the minority has just one doing thier own jejely and u do shit like that? come on now.

its just wrong, on every single level.

look at it how u want, but i believe she is very lucky to be alive. and she should be expelled.

again im sorry if this post offends you.
actually i not.:P

im still pissed tho.


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