This life is for living.

And I try NEVER to forget that.

I have so much to talk about but urgh. I'm just everywhere.

No I STILL havent found my wedding dress :( ( but I have contenders)

I have had the best luck with buying fuel.

You will not believe how favourable the whole thing has been

I need to go food shopping AND just cook up a storm

Also I bought a hand held device with dough picks- HELLO POUNDED YAM.

I am a bit nervous about the whole thing but heyyyyy- what is life if not for living.

My friend's kid also turned one last week.

And they had such an amazing party.

I was dreading coming back to work but then I came back and nothing happened.

Like life is just easy. the things we fear- we blow them out of proportion when in real life its nothing.

ALSO- I am finally working on getting my dream job * cough Housewife cough*

no for real.

I also think I have like a strep infection in my throat ( let the dirty jokes die please)

I am in so much pain and agony.

You would be pleased to know I do not think I struggle with shopping so much any more.
Like I just did not find anything to buy on my trip.

And it was not for lack of trying.

Nothing seemed to interest me much.

I was more about the experiences.

This goes without saying but I love to travel!

I am barely back from one holiday I am trying to go to another one.

second - please why is GT threatning to stop my bankingoperations.

I have done my BVN- at UBA and I swear to God that all the banks need is to log onto some data base and get the details.


I want to make serious efo and pounded yam with zobo and chin chin. I miss my first yearat work, when I had so much time for the kitchen.

And all my catering experiences.

I told some one that my mother got married again. AND she was like

OMG you guys are like the kardashians now

me- pause. no

 she just has a husband and more domestic staff finish.

My nails are the shortest they have ever been. asides my inability to pick my nose- I think I like them.

Plus the color is so pretty!

People keep asking if I cook or do house hold chores.

The answer is - sometimes.

I was telling my uncle how whenever I spend the weekend at my fiance's ( struggling to get used to that word) house. I NEVER do anything. Maybe asides cooking

and I have a sous chef.

In the form of one of his house boys.

He scoffed and said he hated the idea of domestic staff.

and I told him- check your male privilege at the door.

I am taking all the help I can get.

ALSO did I blog about the "soft porn" incident with my aunt?

As I said- so much to share. Not enough time.

and I cant really remember it all.


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