To go to greece and Stunt on them or nah?

Haha haha, I know its horrible to laugh at the people of Greece rn, BUT- investors dream in real estate property.

Plus I'd pay cash.

I want to buy a holiday home in Greece overlooking the water front- Because fucking beautiful.

The scenery in Greece is Ahmazaingggggg.

Anyways I dunno if I mentioned this but BARCELONA LOADINGGGG.

In August- I'm off to sunny barcelona on this all expense paid trip. * cheese*

However I am worried that bad belle will come and pour sand in my Garri.

will Gist you later.

I HATE travelling with people ( including Eros)

urgh,. He wants to go here ( Italy) then rent a car and drive there ( Monaco) then fly there ( mabella)
Me I just want to go to my Barcelona Jejely.

Thinking of it is just making me be like- Look boy I am not a REAL life agent stop!

Anyways I just started reading the count of Monte cristo. Everyone I tell is like - huh?

I havent even watched the movie. Im waiting till I finish the book before I start the movie and OMG it is so good/interesting.

How have I never seen it/ read it??


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