Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Weight loss

So last night, the lover and I were watching trace tv- side bar, you wont believe how few videos are actually in existence. Like probably only 10- Anyways and one of the ten happened to be Nicki Minaj's star ships video.

Now the only time i would dance to that wretched song is at the club- When I've had waay too many glasses of whatever my poison choice is. Then and only then will i scream and jump and dance to the song.

So the video came on- and I instantly said- This girls doctor is better that Dr Dre and Dr Who put together.

WHAAAAAATTTT- Her body is SICK! and i mean that in a very good way.

anyways so while Bukky ( the lover's friends girl) and I were ranting about how sick she looks and how we are struggling to stop eating rice and normal weight loss yarns. The lover said-

We Nigerian women are so lazy. Do we know how hard she must have worked to get that body?
The numerous diet plans and the pains she would have endured and what have you.

and We are like- Fuck that, she obviously got her body worked on.

But it sparked something in me.
If you want something so much- you will go after it, irrespective of how hard it seems.

I know because I almost drove myself mental writing my ICAN exams.

Which is even odder because your's truly is about to sign up to take another exam.

strange ehn? This is odd because you see- I really do not need to take it- BUT I feel I have so much time on my hands.

The Lover thinks I need stress to function and I am unable to unwind.

and when I have free time- I have the need to fill it up. with mundane shit instead of me to just sit and watch the sun rise or something equally repulsive to my restless nature.

Which mind you- is untrue because on my last break- I sat and sat and sat and watched the sun rise, and gazells graze outside my window. and sat so still this yummy Zulu warrior came to say hi.

So I can sit still and breathe. but now I feel the need to take this exam. I feel it may be my window out of this mind numbing trial balance shit i get up to daily.

Ps- I Love my job- Its just such a least resistance path when i give it so much thought I get sick.

Speaking of sick- Please who saw the goldie BBA clip where she was crying because that wretched black lipped guy from *insert country here* told her they were just friends.

I found it so midly amusing as well as  an unfair representation of the Nigerian women I know.

Nigerian women are strong and are of that- You aint shit mentality- aka I dont chase them i replace them steeze- OR maybe that is just me. BUT it just seemed up.

such a bitch nigga move.

Pardon my french- Or don't.

So back to what I was saying- I will start visiting the gym again- In the morning and at night. bleh. Imnot too excited, But I will put my back into it.

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