Same Shit Different Day.

I think I need to quit my job.

Why? But you like it? But you want to make partner-  But its not so bad.

I'll tell you why, I do not like it- anymore.

*gasp* I can live with it, but I don't think I want to practise accounting anymore.

It is simply not my passion.

I hate waking up in the morning to come and face these co-workers.

I hate coming to work and not having where to sit.

And most importantly- I hate not finding parking space!!!!!

I hate it with my soul.

and I also hate closing at 9pm and people making a fuss about me walking in to the office at 8:20 am.

I hate it so much, I'm going to change it.

I'm going to be closing at 5pm, every day from now on. I do not care.

we cant finish all the work in one day anyways.

So no while I may not be quitting my job- Yet, I'm definitely making changes that favour me.

I want to take up piano lessons, I've been wanting to forever. I think the time is now.

I have a keyboard at home, I intend to practise and start playing before the end of the year.

I had actually started two years ago, but then ICAN came up, so this year

forget weight loss, or 26 inch waist, I'm going to learn how to play the damn piano/ keyboard./ whatever.

and this job wont let me be great.

anyways I'm obviously very cranky this morning.

Probably because my office security came and was telling me- they will deflate your tire.
Tyre that I just managed to pump, and paid twice the amount because my mothers driver ripped me off.

I need another get away.

where I know no one, and no one knows me.

Like an island or what have you.

I need to make more money and quit this job where people annoy me so much.

You know- I had no idea how irritating people at work were- Until my friend left. because I never ever ever had to even look at anyone else.

all I had to do was focus on doing my job and talking to my friend.

One day after she has quit. it's almost as if the whole office is out to get me- But it has always been that way- I just never noticed. and now I am forced to notice.

and I Hate this shit. And I hate working with petty yoruba people.

and I hate hearing the sound of my wretched co-workers voice singing only God knows what.

which would have been drowned out by laughter of something my friend and I would have been discussing.

or the sound of the deeper life girls phone vibrating. or her giving me tracts.

or whatever. I just didn't realise how annoying this place was- UNTIL TODAY!!!!!

How could I have been so blind?

I feel like all of this just jumped out of a blindspot and I cant slam my brakes hard enough.

Bottom line: I need to make money, and I need to quit. If not for anything, for my sanity.

This bitches' voice is driving me craaay.

On to better newss- PPPAAAAARRTYYYYY tonight!!

It was stephanie's bday during the week, and its Oni's birthday tonight.

Yes- we are going to party like I don't have to be at work tomorrow.

even though I have to be at work, bursting my ass off on a damn weekend.

Surprise- I'm calling in sick- The work should do it's self.

Anyways weekend plans anyone? My friend wants to audition for a role in a new TV series- I think she'd be purrfect for it! If I could, I'd probably follow her there and support her.

she would be such a perfect " Dami" I think that is the role she is auditioning for!

I wish her all the best!!!!!

What has everyone been up too?

My effective utilization hours came in 90% and still no damn raise.

again I say- Fuck this shit!


Izzie said…
work sucks, pele. maybe this is a sign that u should go away for your masters asap.

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