Saturday, June 2, 2012

so here I am, In bed wrapped with a towel Sharing Haribos with the lover. Wearing matching sunglasses and delibrating on wether or not to Eat tonight. He wants fanta. I want dinner from sphinx. This is the good life the bible speaks about. Speaking of good lives. I went to a wedding today. And the bride broke Down and started crying when reading my vows. So touching. I tell you weddings are why God created saturdays. While I've never had an ideal wedding, I'm positive I want a week day Wedding. So I can go into work the next day- and when they ask me what did you Get up to yesterday. I'd stick out my left hand and say, oh nothing Much, I just got married. LoL. That would be nice. Anyways- how is everyone? Yes yes I quit the 31day reset. A week away kinda reset me. So no I won't be taking the 31 day reset. I am out of my funk. Speaking of funk- how many calories are in one haribo? And Why is South African airways so wretched? Like You'd think being from Nigeria, the Aviation Industry can not sink Lower. Till you go to South Africa. The southafrican airlines are too messy. Please. I would take my Arik Or aero daily. I will rant about them more in detail later. But now- I am happy And even though I still buy the wrong size when shopping for the lover Because I am female and I can swear he increases everytime I leave town. I am still happy. And I am glad I am happy. It has been a while since I have been This happy. Even though I came home and found that my sister used My natural saturday boyd butter container to put the black soap she Stole from me. I'm not mad. I'm just like- nah, your husband will Sort you out. Me- I'm done bitching over your act. And that right there was freedom. As my mother says- you must learn to Manage people. So basically if you have people that delight In picking your things- lock them up. How have you people been? Is it odd I want the sun out tomorrow so I can launch my new sunglasses?

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miss.fab said...

Okay, I just wanted to say I love your blog, and I love you and The Lover's relationship! Been an ardent reader for a while now :)

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