At Tiffany's  The Lovers place this AM was a delicious affair.

We had sooooo much fun. making it. and eating it.

Our friend Shehu was the cook- Which is amazing because shehu is one of the few men who I know can cook

as in cook like he went to cullinary school-so he was a good cook.

It was a good morning. amazing conversation. games of ludo. new music on my ipad.

I am rambling and this is everywhere.

But Take this away - It was the perfect start to say good bye.

While the Lover abhors saying goodbye or even getting remotely excited about anything

he was in such good spirts he agreed to walk me down and kept blowing me kisses and being generally silly.

And he said -call me everyday or I will kill you when you get back.

See- That's how he says good bye.

and when I said " baybee I'll miss you" His reply: Stop Lying, enjoy this break my darling!

My Lover is such a softie. LOL

Last Night his other friend said when he was in Yankee they ( him and some of his guys) went to the strip club and saw one of his other guy's babe there- working as a stripper. And the girl came and said Oh please dont tell my boyfriend- and he didn't tell.

Then he looked me dead in the eyes and said- If you ever try anything like that- Best believe I'm reporting you instantly to The lover.

The Lover said If she is a stripper her pole would be installed in my room.

Im thankful for the relationship I have with his friends and siblings and mother.

It's nice.

Oh today is one of those I woke up on the right side of bed days- good news everywhere around me and I didnt have to go to work- good news I tell you.

Anyways see why it is not good to blog when you are unhappy- No one allows you stay unhappy. 

My friend came to help me pack- Because Ore is an impulse whatifsomethingshouldhappen packer and I end up packing all the excess shit I do not need. 

And THAT single act made me sooo happy.

I need minions- But I'll take friends who stop by to help interim. LOL

Thank you My darling Ori and El- You both are wonderful.


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