Friday, June 22, 2012

It is strange working with people rooting for you to fail.

Even stranger, People who don't hide their disdain for you or your back ground.

Or even say things like- I'm happy this happened to you.

for a while, I couldn't really be bothered, I mean- Why bother about people who you really

don't care about- then you realise that these people have set out to use their political capital to pull you down.

Naturally I'm shocked. because I honestly don't have time for this shit.

And I'm amused that people at all levels have this problem.

and I always always always dismissed it was rumour mill grape vine type gist.

Until my counsellor told me the perception of the staff affects the promotion scheme.

I freaked out inside. I have delivered consistently on most of my jobs.

I work extra hours to meet ridiculous dead-lines. I feel like I do not get credit for the work I do.

Which is true. But I can't understand it.

I really can't. trust me. I've tried. It scares me that I have no control over this.

Like how can I have no control over my own progression. really perception?

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