Thursday, April 25, 2013

Good days

Today was and is a good day.

My fancy phone case arrived. I LOVE IT.

It is sooooo  pretty. Everyone says it's vain- But since when did what everyone says matter?

Never- that's when.

After everyone expresses their excitement they talk about how they want one.

How can I get one? they ask.

I tell them- I'm selling them.

Do I want to sell them? I think so. Now I can finally add the term CEO to my bio.

Second- Lekan is back! * runs around in little circles* Lekan and I struck up the cutest weirdest friendship in the last 4 months and he has held my hand through most of my technical issues. He is an amazing researcher as well.

I am thankful.

Third. My paper is going on great.

I am about to start the 2nd one and I am finally opening up to learning- I am taking a law course this semester.

I am soooo excited about it.

This one year away from home I decided to do a lot of self improvement.

And I have, I have made so many steps to better myself and to go after what I really want.
And I am glad

I think I have grown so much in this year.

I am learning things about myself that I did not know. I find it hard to ask for help- which is odd because there is nothing wrong, I just always feel like I am disturbing people so I try not to ask too many questions.
I'm not talking about teachers sha- Im talking about students and random people. Strangest thing is that when I eventually ask- Its always so easy.

Till I moved here, I do not think I really understood the concept of Gods grace. I mean I knew of it- but I did not know it. And it is beautiful.

I have taken to reciting a list of things that God has promised me- I call them my bible promises.

I think I need to enlarge the list. It is basically a list of things I want and I am calling forth supported by the bible- If God said it, It must be true. Hence- I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

That is the first line of my bible promises. I love them.

In the last few months- I have struggled with unforgiveness. I have held on to so much anger. Then I read mark 11:25. I do not struggle anymore because it is a luxury I can not afford. It's too expensive a cost.

Lately I have been drawn to bible stories and the role of sex in our lives. I read the story of  Samson and something struck me. Delilah had betrayed him THREE different times. Yet he did not drive her away. She eventually led him to his downfall

I do not know why- but IF you have people in your life who are hanging you out to dry and constantly leaking your secrets and what not. Do not be afraid to cut them off. This could be anything really, Friends telling you, you are not beautiful enough. Co-workers saying you are not " anything" enough. Partners leaking your secrets. What ever it is.  Do not be like Samson who was shacking up with prostitutes of the valley. Keep your circle small. tight and Loyal.

I feel like someone needed that.

Anyways its Midnight and I am at the library. I have missed my random blogging on blogspot. I'll keep my wordpress only so that I can like and reblog stuff. But Blogger- You are my first love and you have my heart.

ps: as usual I did not proof read. all typo's are mine.x

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