Sunday, April 28, 2013

On Helping

Till I moved here- I had no idea how hard it was to ask for help

I hated it. If I could not do something, I would learn it- take the time and struggle till I got it right.

I used to think that was how I was wired. Now I realise it was pride.

Moving here to do a second degree was a major eye opener in how little I knew.

I came here to do an Msc in Energy Finance and instead I found my self taking Law courses and Economics courses.

I was LOST. to say the least. I mean I did some reading and all of that BUT you can not read for 8 weeks what someone else went to university and studied for under-grad. Needless to say I had to ask for help.

Did I hate it- Always. But the more I did it the more I realised life did not have to be so hard.

I guess that is what we are put on earth for- To help each other.

And this applied to my spiritual life as well. There are things I do not struggle with. Never have and hopefully never will while I have watched people- friends, enemies - people generally struggle with and I just thought they were so weak.

Like how can this small thing mess you up like this? I'd think to myself. Then I realised that the reason I did not have the same problems was not because I am a better person( even though I strongly believed it at the time) but because of the grace of God.

Which I would explain in details going forward.

Moral of the story is this- Ask. If you need anything. Ask. And not google. I mean google has a lot of answers but not all the answers.

And for me I know it might seem like so small, But this is such a huge realization.

Ask and it shall be given unto you. Close mouth don't get fed.

All of this is spurred by my Economics research paper which I knew nothing about but I have a beautiful topic as well as a fabulous methodology and I am currently wrapping up.

I am thankful to God. because without him all of this would have been extremely impossible.

:) Hope you guys have a great week.

Remember to give today. and this week- there is so much poverty around. It would not hurt to bless someone out of our excesses. It could be time, money or even knowledge. Give a little.

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