Thursday, May 2, 2013

The danger of a single story

You see the problem with stereotypes is not that they are incorrect, It is that they are incomplete- Chimamanda Adiche.

When I come here to bash Yoruba men, consistently ( i might add) I do it sarcastically and more often than not because I have enough ammunition to come to that conclusion.

However, I do not think it is logical for any reader to read 10 out of maybe 400 posts I have on here and confidently type out how " they understand I have reason to hate Yoruba people"

Which does not add up- as you see because I am Yoruba. I may not speak the language OR understand it or like the men BUT it does not make me any less a Yoruba person. I have Yoruba friends. Even more amusing I have my friend zone FULL of Yoruba men as friends.
Most importantly being Yoruba does not disqualify me from bashing Yoruba men.

I would have said it is my blog and I can bash who I want to bash- but I am a changed person.

Which is why I am confused. In my attempt to write satire, someone springs out from the wood works and is telling me how they understand my need to hate Yoruba people.

I am confused because no one forced you to read the article. The title was clear " Do not marry a Yoruba man" - If you are a yoruba man AND that offended you, Maybe you should not have read the post- Is all I'm saying.

The problem with the internet is that people are only able to draw conclusions from what they can see- which more often than not is incomplete.

So to my Yoruba reader who I do not know and does not know me- Your anger might be justified ( note I am using the word anger here loosely) because I do not know your story. I have no idea IF you might have lost out on the woman of your dreams solely because you are Yoruba. And so I can not honestly take anything you have said seriously.

Well maybe except the half hearted compliment you threw in about me writing properly when I am not bashing Yoruba people.

So thank you for reading my posts. And to all my other readers. Thank you.

However the posts are a 2D representation of my person and not my whole story.

If I have 10 out of 400 posts running down Yoruba men that is pretty much 2.5% . I'm not a mathematician BUT that figure strongly suggests that 10 posts are simply not enough to draw a conclusion on.

Let me also just throw out there that I am still blogging on my other blog. I know, I know. Now I have two. :)

I was going to come here and share my newest undertaking BUTTTT I had to sort this out. However once I finish my papers- I'll come right to it.x

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omoniyi said...

Hmm stereotypes and sarcasm. This statement "You think the devil can lie till you date and marry a Yoruba man" is sarcastic? Hmm. It was not a half hearted compliment. You can write when not yoruba bashing. I am sorry if it seemed i was trying to define you from your blog. The statement above just really grated my palate. Stay blessed

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