Saturday, May 25, 2013

Progress and starting over.

I am taking a law course this semester.

I was feeling like I was not learning anything new so I decided to take a course in human rights law.

I am excited about it.

I have found the perfect nude nail polish for my skin tone.

I have bought speakers- and I have found that if I turn them up loud enough I can not hear my thoughts.

I find myself drinking large amounts of alcohol.
I want my mummy.

But since I cant have her right now- i'm going to make do with what I have.

My progress with the piano- My tutor okay-ed my picking out a new book. I'm so excited- I'm leaning towards Disney music books- I LOVE Disney cartoons and the songs even more.

I am also looking for a pole to buy. I LOVE pole dancing- I swear when I am pole dancing I feel my best.

I am telling you guys I was created for the pole. Obviously my body hurts to high heavens after BUT- I am so happy when I am on the pole ( I know how "sexual" that sounds by the way) you guys need to hear my pole dancing tutor. She says the oddest things like- clench your thighs when you are on the pole or work that pole, stroke it etc etc etc. Reminds me of when I was learning  how to drive.

I am at a cross roads in my life- It's probably why I'm doing all this drinking and playing my music as loud as possible.

But strangely I am at peace- Must be all the shopping I did in london. I am going to literally write a shopping list AND then stick to it. I find my style evolving. I'm beginning to like strange clothes. Like think kate middleton-esque dresses. which is strange because- i used to hate clothes like that.

I used to hate alcohol as well. Now I'm drinking unhealthy amounts. Even worse my gym has closed for renovation. which means I need to join another one.- I do not mind this one is 24hrs so I can go when I wake up at 3am. lol. AS IF.

I washed my make up brushes- I had no idea they were supposed to be washed. LOL- do not judge me.

This post is everywhere because I am obviously under the influence right now- but I would be back soon. :)

Hope you lot are having an ace weekend.

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