Saturday, May 11, 2013

More Changes

You know how when things happen to you and you find yourself promising yourself that you will never change.

Like this thing would not affect me no matter what?


But you wake up one day and find that except you are reluctant to learn from mistakes- You will keep getting burned.

Which explains why I have over 100 people on my bbm and I am scared shitless to talk to anyone because I have no idea where what I say will end up.

I never used to have this fear- I used to be okay with people I tell things telling their other friends sef.

I did not really mind.

Betrayal really screws you over. Now- I have no idea who I can talk to.

I guess I'll just write in my journal.

I do not like this person who is overtly secretive. I used to LOVE sharing things with the people in my life. NOW I am scared to carry out a conversation with anyone just so I know my shit is safe.

What kind of life is this?

Hopefully I'll over come this (maybe) irrational phase or maybe just like grief it is a phase when over coming betrayed confidence.

"The I want to trust you human beings- But ya'll are too fucked up for my liking" phase.

I think that is what it is.

Meanwhile I had the most delicious Friday night that I have had in a minute.

I saw Iron man three with my home girl and it was amazingggg- That movie left me so emotional.

Like.... * sigh* I was just screaming HAAAAAAYYYY through out. Plus I now even saw the  preview of fast and furious 6. I'm telling you guys that even if they make fast and furious up to 1000. I will watch.

I LOVE those action sequences and scenes. And let me point out that - the preview was FIRE!

After which we went to this house party and then ended up at this african shindig. House party was Ace. I think I am becoming a really good deejay. Don't ask me how.

Came home slept- woke up feeling the need to talk AND then boom this hits me.

Hope you guys have an amazing week- and remember, positive thoughts only! :)

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