Sunday, May 5, 2013

Goal setting and divine encouragement

I do not run like a man running aimlessly- 1st Cor 9:26

Back drop.

When I was 12 I had a major surgery to correct a recurrent patella dislocation( which is as a result of your knees not being able to support your body weight) I had been experiencing in my left knee. It healed but left me with a scar that make me so self conscious- I was unable to wear anything that was above my knees.

Off course at 12, I did not finish therapy and I walk with a slight limp. That is fine- I have learned to live with it.

So Last week I decided to run the 5k marathon in Edinburgh. It is on the 13th of October and I decided while searching for a trainer to start intense exercises.

Off to the gym I went!

45 minutes of cardio and then some arm exercises I decided to get some work done on my knees and started doing some knee raises.

It was unusually painful but hey no pain no gain right? anyways I reduced the weight. Finished up and went to  lift weights for my arms and back.

I Finished that got on a mat to do some planks and stretches when I lay down and BOOM.
My knee gave way. I shit you not. blinding pain that was nothing like the pain I used to experience when I was 10 or 11.

Instantly- I just knew that 1- I had pushed myself too hard and 2- I might have lost too much weight.

Because I was ridiculously skinny as a child- I was told by my doctors that I needed to put on some weight and muscle so that my legs could support the rest of my body.

Since I decided to run the marathon, I had changed my eating patterns etc etc etc to healthier options and complex carbs for energy.

Anyway back to the pain. So I turned over and laid there till I stopped seeing stars and could make out the shapes of things around me. and did a couple of stretches.

I felt better after a few so I did some more.
On my way home- I ran into my class mate who I had never told about my gym runs ever- and he said " Ah even with your papers you are still going to the gym? this kind of dedication is serious o. Ah the man that marries you will enjoy with all the attention you you devote to certain things" he also invited me to his church to come for his worldwide communion service. Virtual cookies for anyone who can guess the name of said church.

Trust Nigerians to make EVERYTHING about marriage.
 All I sha took away from that I need to keep at it. Training for my 5k. Literally I feel like if I put my mind to it, my body will eventually co-operate.

Anyways that's that. I have completed my papers! * squeal*

I had no idea that they would turn me into an economics guru. With the help of Lekan obviously. LOL.

He literally had to help me interpret my regressions and tell me what each dependent variable meant. and then spell it out to me repeatedly. Lekan I can not thank you enough.

Anyways now I have to cut down 1k words- any economist that wants to actually look at the paper should get at me. 100 heads are better than one and all that. :)
My literary teacher said my writing has improved a thousand fold- she did not say thousand fold but her eyes said it. :)


Have a good week guys!

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