Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas and all its extra's

Christmas has come and gone.

and work has come.

And it was fantastic, actually a lot more fantastic than i imagined.

Although my mother was away and i had the hugest fight ever with the lover that AM, it turned out well.

One of the lovers friends actually sent us both a gift.

weird, he addressed the cards and shit to " the lover and Ore"

toushing stuff.

on the 26th my fat friend Oyinkan invited me to a beach parry.

which was good as well.

i also had a brief run in with a boy " who just got back"

all im going to say about the issue, is give me a Lagos boy any day.

These i just got back boys have clearly lost the plot or maybe they weren't even included in the plot in the first place.

but the conversation we had was eye opening.

We then went to chef's in the park, My friend fregene was cooking, but by the time i got there food had finished.

I saw friends and lots of people who also " just got back"

i swear these people are everywhere.

and to be honestly it is mildly irritating.

But then if you have spent the whole year shopping and saving to show your baffs to your lagos counter-parts in Dec, you wouldnt have a problem prancing around every lagos event.

But thats besides the point.

On 27 i took my siblings to lunch at Protea westwood in Ikoyi. the food was okay, but i found an insect in my chap man after almost finishing it.

although they offered me a new one, and said i shouldnt pay for the old one ( Like as if i had any plans on paying), i still couldnt bring myself to drink it.

i also got the protea deal of dealdey. i tell you people,

dealdey is probably the reason im a fattie now, after the lover off course.

after lunch my friend "aldmoni" came to scoop my self to the TNC3 thingy.

myself then turned into my sister- who was so fucking bored at home, and Aisha, who was also bored at hers and came to mine.

this will definitely be the last TN anything i would be attending ever.

it was basically a twitter argument but in real- life.

On the upside Itunes got the card of the security assistant.

if that can be said to be upside.

Instead of going home, i decided to have some people over at mine,
was a riot.

after wining and dining and showing off my kitchen skills, we just talked and it was good.

at 11pm- everyone faded, i just up-ed and went to the lovers place.

And i just realised as i am writing this, that i haven"t been out all xmas long.

like over night out.

work starts tomorrow, i think i would kick start my day with the gym.

and Yinka and Eneni, i think i got out of my groove and shit so i wont be needing that cat. :P

by the way, i think one of the greatest dis-service anyone can do to themselves is not follow thier intuition.

especially women.

i have a kick ass intuition, and i follow mine daily, sometimes i think its the spirit of God telling me what to do.

i need to draft my new years resolution.

2 things on my mind.

weight loss

and masters application.

i've accepted the fact that the Lover is not going to come to school with me anytime soon.
and a tiny part of me is excited about being in an LDR, surely that tiny part is crazy.

but i have to go to school irrespective of what his life choices are- and i cant stay waiting for him to align with me.

what would really piss me off however, would be IF after my one year there, he then decides to go to school.

- that would be major irreconcilable difference yo.

I also want to give a huge shout out to Deyo. for xmas.

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