Saturday, November 20, 2010

wake up call

so yesterday, i got a DM from someone asking for my contribution on a particular matter.

1st i was excited she asked me, even though i know she asked other people, but yeah she asked me so that made me happy.

2nd. i didnt know what to say. and i still dont know what to say. in 50 words i cant define what love is to me.

so while talking to my homie E on the phone last night i just told her OMG xyz asked me "what is love?" i wonder why she even asked me sef i said.

E just said ahhhhn why wont she ask you? when every other tweet is about your lover. Gosh you are so in love, you are prally the only person she even asked sef.

P: ehnnn i am NOT IN LOVE JO!
e: EHN why are u shouting? ok you are not in love you are in serious like.
P: actually im fond of him.
E; abeg abeg. be there lying to your self.
lol and so we went back and forth on the issue sha

bottom line is i still dunno what it is.

i was going to go with 1st corinth 13. 1-8. but errr i am not patient and all that so that would have been a lie.

so i was going to say that love is coming home to something everyday, be it a dog, cat, lover or even a bottle of perfume. :S

i love my chance perfume. no really i guard evry drop jealously.

but then that didnt make anysense.

so im back at square 1.
what is love? ideas anyone??

love cant described by word, it is a feeling, that is like asking you to describe a scent with colors and not words. see insufficent.

but i know this about love, when you get it, you wont need 2 ask anyone if this is really it, because then you just know that it is.
no doubts, no nothing. no sacrifice is too big, and a 30 mins wait becomes a blink of an eye. it flies right by.

i dont think im making sense. but love isnt always smooth sailing, but it is better to have love and lost than never to have loved. i think :S

a confused

side note: i think i just figured it out. last 2 paragraphs. :)

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