Thursday, October 24, 2013

We cant stop.

I love this version of the song.

And It has nothing to do with the fact I have a twerking video.( yes I have a twerking video- Stop judging me)

PS: see how she gave Jimmy side eye when she was talking about girls with big butts.

I am def buying downloading or spotify-ing this album.

Plus this is going to be the opening theme for my birthday- Its my party- I can do what I want.

Like cook a three course meal- for 10 of my friends here and not give a shit.

Also- I am going to see Abba the musical tomorrow.

In other towns, they get awon drake and co, here we have to contend with what we have.

Plus I totally LOVE ABBA- My mother loved them and I grew up listening to Abba, and buying their greatest hits everytime I was stuck in traffic and found out it scratched super easily etc. anyways- I will download the movie/ torrent of the album to brush up on my abba skills.

Asides my prep for my super sweet sixteen birthday party-  I am Fine. Back to doing my nails.

Oh And I wrote a test and got all the answers- I have never been more dependent on God for anything ever in my life since I moved her.

Like Oh Gosh! He totally came through.

I am very pleased with this- Dear God, I know I have said thank you, but I need to " loud" the matter for everyone else.

Thank you and I love you.

Ps: That was for God.

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