Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Birthday Wishlist and other cool stories.

Unlike last year- I have a lot of things I want for my birthday this year.

Actually off the top of my head- maybe two, or three.

First stop.


I walked into Debenhams the other day and tried on this delicious shade of lipstick- In the words of F- I so much loved it.

This is the rouge in love by lancome in color 381B Violette Coquette

I have travelled ALOT this year, so much that this MK travel tote is beginning to seem like a necessity. I'd take that in Plum. Please and Thank you.

This Image is Navy- but I swear, there is a Plum one and I want it.

3. T-shirts and Sweat Shirts.

I love Parody tshirts, I have probably loved them forever. Even better one of the ones I want is on Sale.

I am so here for this ballin' sweat shirt. In this color- Black. and Size Large So here for it.

This one is on Sale- In a medium. Any color but white works.

4. Fitness paraphernalia.

On the top of this list is the Nike fuel band SE- in maybe color "any other color but blackkk".

I moved house( sorted out the accommodation issue), but my house is maybe a 30 minutes walk from the shops coupled with the carrying of my shopping bags up hill, I must be losing some serious calories. A really wise thing to do will be to document all this weight loss. That being said. One Nike fuel band SE.
I need to start flexing my muscles.

5. Wrist Watch.

List would never be complete without one.

This year I am all eyes for this DKNY Women's Quartz Watch Broadway 3 Hand NY8486. I also want the NY8862 lexington. Both in Rose gold.
 I think on my very shabby list, this tops my wants. That is- I really want this. Really Really. Sprinkled with some sugar on top.

That way I will never ever be late to class ever again.

This year has been full of surprises- Most unpleasant, unexpected and disappointing. In retrospect some were pleasant.

But I found Christ this year so that worked out alright. I started my piano lessons , and I started my masters.
To be objective- 2013 has been good by a lot of standards, my zeal for perfection must be my only stumbling block to admitting that.

In about 2 weeks- I hit the big 30. LOL jk- I am turning  twenty *guess* virtual cookies for whoever gets it right.

And I am pleased with where my life is right now, although I kinda hoped my mother's grand kids would have been ready this year- stilll. I am excited about the day.

I wanted to go on a holiday- but due to foreseen and some ridiculous circumstances, I had to unfortunately put that on the shelf, and have one here in school. I would probably merge it with my house warming party- which my flat mate totally does not want to have.

So probably 5 to 10 of my close friends, 10 bottles of  wine and home cooked food with home baked cake in my new oven.

Also along with the above- I will be receiving  the usual perfumes, cards, flowers and etc etc.

I know I have been awol- But trust me I have a reason- albiet shitty one, but I am back for good now.

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