Friday, April 23, 2010


If u dey vex for carry your issue go mEet babalawo.

I love that line and I adopted it as my 2010 motto.

It has helped me tremendously not every1 can be happy with you.

That line is track 12 off da'grins album. CEO, and it featured bigiano.

And last night Da'grin passed.

When I first heard him, I thot hmnnn all these "musicians" have come o, who Is this one again?? Sounding like lord of ajasa.

Then I heard Kondo at bachuss. Life changing moment I tell you.

I feel deeply in love with the song and made it my ring tone.

I also became and activist for the song while on a social network site.

I introduced all my household to the song.

I also compared a another rapper to Da'grin. He found it offensive.

I wondered why? Anyone can get a group of words and make them rhyme, style of delivery is attainable with practise.

While to do this in Yoruba while every1 has become an english speaking citizen and still appeal. I believed that was talent.

And today this particular talent is no more.

Although my yourba is poor actually scratch that non-existent, I loved this guys music.

Now I only wish I had said hi, I love your music that day at swe, instead of being soo pissed.

Its sad, but its life.

Just when life was starting to love him, God took him to be with him.

I guess its true what they say, life is too short. So live it too the fullest.

Kondo remains an all time fave of mine. And I look to a future when my yoruba is perfected and it all started when I needed to understand da'grin.

God bless Segun and Fikayo for translating that night.

May God give his friends and Family the strength to bear their loss.

RIP Da'Grin.

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