Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jag of all tradez

Without mincing words, the choclate city boys have failed to deliver.

I loved the Mi album. I still listen to it. Plus I've bought about 7 or 8 and would keep buying because people keep stealing. And its not their fault. That album is bad.

The 1st time I heard of Jesse Jags was from one demilade boy who said Jesse is a lot better than Mi. His flows are like a tetris game that keeps falling into place and the lines keep clearing. A basic high score game. His lyrics are tight and what not. He said jesse trumps Mi hands down.

I mean I know he is a good producer and all but this album had better grow on me.

Because all my hand keeps finding is the seek track button in my car. Yes I'm seeking a really good track on the album.

Altho we must give the choc'l8 city boys props for the photo shopping of the album cover.
I want jeSse on my natural remedy. His acne is nothing to write home about.

Still on the Nigerian Music I'm feeling :

Implication: Tuface. I saw the video and I think maybe I wanna rethink my stand on becoming a baby mama. That girl that was all over him in the video. I hate her. And 50% of me still wants tuface. As usual the song is banging!!

I like girls: Yq. Wande coal. Better get another hit track. Yq reminds me of you. And I really love you. Any hoos, I like really few girls,but I love this song die!!! Catch me shaking my tooshie to it at the club!!

Fi mi le: kas!!! Omo Yoruba le mi.. SWAGGER!!!!! Video on point. And this song makes me wind down and wish I were riding a convertible haba!!! I likey. ( To borrow yankee lingo)

Others are:
Some sound sultan song I heard that had light up Nigeria in it.
Mi: God bless you. Long but worth it.
Gbamu gbamu :9ce. This one is gonna grow on me.
Critical. Ikechukwu and Dbanj. I love ikechukwu. I love his body and I want to have little iks. Yolz ke. Ikechukwu can get this anytime. This guy probably has d eqivalent of traveler miles for the gym. Whatever that is. His body is to bad. And so is the song.

Best line from the Jesse jagz album: my flow is sicker than my president. Which is true. This album should get in an IcU for fixing. It is sicker than Yaradua.

Speaking of which Where is Yardie???? I miss him. No more 7 point agenda bashing by simon kolawole on this day back page. :(

And I am still a jesse fan. And I eagerly await the drop of Mi2.

#np nobody test me. Choclate boys anthem. Jagz, Mi and Ice prince.


Nono said...

LOL....I have only heard "pussy cat" from the album and I have to say the lyrics were just not it. Ahn ahn!! Before someone can open his mouth n say "meow meow" on a track u have to knw somethn is wrong. O well....I want the whole album * nw wondering if Ore will mail it to me* hehe!!! (O yea... I've heard "wetin dey" too)

Xabi (in my mind this is my name) said...

LMAO! I heard that pussy cat jam 1ce...NEVA AGAIN! As in i still wanna have faith on those choc boiz so im abstaining from listenin 2 fucked trax! I think all his hits have been released alredi and his album in total mite b a wash..o well...

olisaemeka said...

the opening track takeover is good but the follow-up "pump it up" is so good but dat pusssy cat track very funnieeee

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