Friday, April 23, 2010

another guest.

The rice I'm cooking on my blog must be sweet. All the guest bloggers I'm getting.
Its doing me Yori Yori. Nengi writes :

I have never tried writing before. I’m still searching for my talent. I know I have a creative person stuck inside of me, I just dunno how to let her out. I love tv n books n art. I scribble a lot too. So when I was given this chance, I was like ‘yay’ n scared at the same time. Decided to play it safe n write about 10 things I know for sure. the only problem (I realized later on) was that I dint know 10 things for sure. I mean, to be sure about something, you should be able to bet your life on that thing. unfortunately, the older you get, the more you realize you are the only fixed factor and every other thing/ person is a variable factor. Nothing and no one is indispensable. Life doesn’t even stop for one second when you lose someone or something important. Since we cant stop time, we try to stop people (with our gifts/talents, beliefs). Some people are lucky to know their gifts right away. Others like me, have to search for it. The important thing is that you never stop trying (at least that’s what I learnt from the parable of the talents). Anyways, lest I bore u some more, here are ten things I know for sure:

10.       Nothing and no one, no matter how important, is indispensable.9.       Ever notice how much better u do when there’s a bunch of haters waiting for u to fail and maybe just one person who believes in you? Thank God for your enemies, they keep you alert.8.       There’s nothing as important (ok maybe there is) as a mind of your own. In Stephen Covey’s words, ‘don’t always go with the flow. if you do, you will end up where the flow goes, which is downhill’. And as we all know, if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything7.       This thing called love, who understands it? It makes you do the silliest things. How can it be said to be a nice thing?6.       There’s a nice side to everyone. that's why open hatred is hidden love. the moment you start talking to someone, you realize such person is not so bad after all (that's how I got my first bf). I learnt the trick along the way, if u don't want to ever like a person, don't start talking. Not even to be polite.5.       Success has many friends.4.       Dress like you want to be addressed. Am I the only one who noticed that fashion nowadays tends to cover more? ( leggings under short dresses, cardigans, pashminas, etc)3.       The arm of flesh will fail you. never vouch for anyone. Sometimes I cant even vouch for myself.2.       When in doubt, shut up! (or ask a friend in a low tone) It’s always better to shut up and allow people think you are a fool, than to open your mouth and prove it. There is nothing I find more attractive than a smart mind and there is nothing as disgusting as a person who can’t make intelligent conversation.1. My family's amazing. i have been blesses with awesome friends too.I guess we could make some sense out of this piece.. Life is worth living, especially when you have the kind of people that can spice it up… Make it count and always help others make theirs count…
RIP-----Da Grin.

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Xabi (in my mind this is my name) said...

YAAAAY!!! Go Nengi! Lav the post boo :) Totally identify with the first bit...unfortunately i am not ure about those 10 things u wrote...or some of em...which sux 4 me! I want guest writers toooo! Eeez unfiyeeeee! *kisses 2 u both* Ore ansa ur bladdy bbmz men!

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