Wednesday, April 21, 2010

your life, your movie.

As told by Nono.

My second guest blogger. Yippe I'm getting people to write on my blog. *dancing alanta*

This is my first time as a guest blogger. I'm actually quite excited *silly grin*. I feel like someone just asked me to give a toast at his wedding lol. O well.... I know I'll do this blog justice(I'm confident like that...sue me :p). So my inspiration for this post came from Ore's post where she used pause and play. I hope you like my twist on it. :) goes nothing......

Blink Blink Blink
Pause Pause Pause

It takes a split second to blink(a full second if your eyelids are heavy :p). In that split second, you could miss a life changing event. Kinda feels like a pause doesn't it? Like the one above pressed a switch and you blinked(ok now I'm picturing God sitting infront of billions of flat screens with a universal remote in his hand. When he wants you to blink, he pauses you and immediately unpauses. Some of the screens are blank cos in that part of the world it's night and the people are sleeping). But seriously though, life is just a series of plays and pauses. Blinking is a very irrelevant pause. The more relevant pauses occur when you drift in and out of consciousness. Pause, Play. You faint. Pause. You day dream. Pause. You sleep. Pause. You have a lot on your mind. Pause?? (This one is up for argument). Basically anything that takes you out of your conscious world can be termed a pause.

Pauses are both good and bad. Good in the sense that a child could use this to block out an unpleasant event. Bad in the sense your lack of attention could cost you your life. Some pauses are highly irrelevant and of no consequence though(my best kind of pause). Know when to take your "pause" and next time you go for that audition and they say you are not good enough, just say "hmmmpphh, I was good for God innit?"(Little consolations). But might consider saying that out of earshot of the casting crew just incase they change their mind later on :p.

Ps: my blog: (Ore told me not to do this so I ofcourse had to :p) lol.


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Jaycee said...

True, pauses could either be good or bad. Nice post.

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