Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I am really really really happy.

And thankful. Sometimes it takes the tiniest things to make me realise how blessed I am.

Today I came across some1's blog. Whose views on love I respect. Her I don't care much about.

And she wrote (paraphrased) sthg about how he said" peyton its you I see myself with at the end with me" she feels this is the perfect declaration of love.

BoTtom line I got sthg like that in an email on d 15th, and I didn't pay it any attn.

Yes if mr love came banging down my door, then climbing thru my domot and introducing himself I would miss it.

Lucky me I read, and I recognize it. At least in that form.

I had two options sometime last year.

I know I made the right decision. And I wish him (the un-chosen one) all the best.

But I am happy. I really am.

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Tolu Akanni said...

ur blog is madddd
d drama in ur writing...quality!!!
Glad 2 b a follower


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