Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the last time i was out.

E: home girl1
H: home girl2
SuperD : home boy.
film director: superD's cousin
mrT: superD's cousin.
K: waste boy bull shit talker.
WG: waste girl. E's friend

as i said Going out is overated, but the last time i was out, it was actually really good. i shall change all the names here as I dont want to get letters, emails or Bbms sayins whatever...

so E and H wanted to go out, i said cool,i'll drive. so we walked home to mine and wow my car wasnt there. oh well. every one was already getting irritated. so i said how about i call superD. and they were like yeah call him. and i did. and he said.." oh im out tonight, i'll be there in an hour be ready"


I take forever to get dressed, alone. i cant be ready if u give me 5 weeks advance on whatever you want me to do. i am only woman after all.


so he also asked" how many of you are coming i said oh me and two of my friends. E sharply interjected err i want to bring my friend" and im like WHAT??? Any ways i tell superD we are three but bring two cars just incase.

E says she wont go if her friend doesnt come.


I used to be friends with her friend, but now i cant even stand the sight of her friend. in my eyes she is a waste girl and i really did not want superD to see me hanging with a waste girl. and that was just it.


E was getting into an attitude about how it wasnt nice, she already invited her blah blah blah. and H couldnt really be bothered she was after all going out to get drunk!!!

I dont expect loyalty from any female. i really dont. so i wont ask for it. in return i dont want anyone asking me favours that would inconvience me on a matter that really shouldnt be my business. and that was what E was asking me to do. because i love her i agreed.


So WG was gonna be rolling with us, thank God suoerD was bringing 2 cars. so i told E i hope she dint expect me to be nice to waste girl. i was going to try to be civil to her.

fast forward.
superD pulls up outside my gate and calls me. off course im not ready, im never ready. but in about 15 minutes H and i come out looking cute and all that. so i get into superD's car and its MrT driving. lol so i pull a fast one and say oh i saw you people switch cars in the CCtv. i hate getting caught.

we go to E's house. meanwhile i keep wanting to "pretend i forgot" and just go straight to where we were going, but u know i love E too much. we got her and WG. they rode with SuperD in mrT's car.

Thats where we went, i got lippy with a couple comments and on the way up film director whispers to me" ive only been with you 5minutes and i know you are a trouble maker" LOL what was he on about???i am a good girl. ahn ahn. anyways i dont answer him paid him little attention, i was here to have fun and i was going to.

we settled in drinks came and we started dancing, well i did. and i had on this tiny bodycon dress that climbing up my thighs. hissss and the white lady on the table beside me kept trying to put her hand up my dress. i walked inside and bumped into FD who mouthed the words "follow me" and im like "to where?" and he came closer and said "just come jo, trouble maker girl". so i giggled and followed him.

he needed help with the drinks he orderd at the bar...i knowwhat you are thinking. so i helped him carry the drinks and on getting there, i see K.*rolls eyes*

we dont say anything to each other. he looks me over, and i roll my eyes. K and i have a love hate r/ship kinda thing going on. lol. at least thats what superD says.

so we are having a good time, i look over to E and i ask "are you ok??" she says " its not fair im not having fun" in my mind i think" oh well u shouldnt have brought WG along then" i think she read my mind because she said" be nice". ok i was going to drop the attitude and be nice.

so FD and i get comfy on the couch and he touches my hair and says"i likey"

who says i likey?? yankee boys sef.

me: oh thank you.
fd: so what do u do?
me: i am an auditor. really boring there arent too many details.
fd: u dont seem boring. you are a bad girl.
me: O__O, O__o?? huh??
fd: i know you are a trouble maker and a good dancer
me: interjecting i am an auditor.
fd: yes you are an auditor:
me: what do you do.
fd: i just got in about 2 weeks ago.

now i was at SuperD's to see the chelsea- inter game and that was about 3 weeks ago. im not one to slack so i sharply called him out.


ME: but i saw you at SuperD's house the day of the game.
fd: oooohh you are the one.. heyyy * reaches for a hug*
me: err why are u trying to hug me?? i thot you hadnt come in then?
fd: lol i came in a day before that.
me: ehn ok so what do u do now?
fd: im a film director.
me: you are a porn star too??
me: err people that shoot sex tapes them selves tend to get carried away and call themselves directors.
fd: OMG u are such a funny girl. no i am a film director.
me: if u say so. excuse me.

E moves so im sitting beside WG, and i say "hey you how have you been" she sais "ai" then im like "go talk to fd, he likes you," she said " ok"

i really did think he liked her. she looks really good on camera, he would have liked her eventually anyways.


so after a bit there is some commotion, H was approached by a man who wanted to spend that ca aa assshhh on her, she said "im fine" the man got upset and threw money at her. K gotup and walked to tell the man to leave. the man got upset and started mouthing off at K. mind you,K is rich and veryvery proud. its ridiculous.

anyhoos the man slapped K's head with a stack. LOL. and K got off. trying to hit the man and ish every1 got involved including I offcourse, howelse would i have been able to give this gist so detailed like??

so after all of that the man was told to leave and we had 2 leave.H was drunk beyond measure. SuperD had to carry her out. she took off her shoes and WG gave her slippers. K insisted on taking her home,superD wasnt too bothered and so E and I had to turn watchguard on H.i didnt have power to tell her mother story at home.


We get there and H seems to know a LAT of people and wants to hug them and go with them.... errrr i have become her personal bodyguard. so i kept pulling her out of hugs with boys who werent so pleased. lol. and the likes. it was a really goodnight i ran into my lovers younger brother.( that story is for another post)

so Fd and i got cozy outside the pool, just talking about random stuff, my nice nails and just for a tease i asked if he would direct my sex tape i stated im really dark so i would want candles to provide the lighting. he looked shocked. i said " but you are a film director?" and he said" you are such a bad girl, you are a trouble maker" i smiled and said "dance?"
OMOoba was on and that is my song so we got dancing and we had to stop again because err i couldnt find H. i found her talking to another" friend" and she was leaving with him. she said *in slurred speech* he is taking me to the toilet i need to pee.

i said "i'll take you" so i turned and thanked him and took her to the bathroom. since there was a queue for the female bathroom, i had to ask some dude who was to go next if H could go.

Me: heyyy, please my friend really needs to go. do you mind
him: no sure, go ahead.
proceeding to the bathroom.. the toilet attendant guy stops us and says onlyone person can go, i say ok. H goes in.
him: i saw you at the MARQUE.
me: oh really??
him: yeah u are a really good dancer.
me: thank you.
him: why didnt u take her home?
me: she said she wanted to come here*shrugs*
him: and you brought her??
me: yes now?
at this point H comes out and i thank him again. and i start walking away
him: i didnt get your name.
i didnt look back. when i got to the pool my posse was getting ready to leave.

so we just rolled out.and that was that.

good times i tell you. really good times.

* note:
1.everything here is true and thats how i saw things that happened. this is not an attempt to be cruel or upset anyone, its a report of what i remeber the kast time i was out. offcourse many other things happened which i cant remeber or i left out. but you get my point.
2. i really do love E,H and SuperD
3. Fd: is filming a documentary in badagry as i blog this and he never agreed to direct my porn flick
4: i am not a trouble maker and a bad person
5:K isnt that much of a BS talker, i push his buttons. sometimes.
6. i had a bit too much fun.

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