Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy things about me.

well that topic should have been things that make me happy but some how, i dunno if i should change it or leave it blank.

from the top then shall we...ok no bottom.. wo i dunno jo.. ok no order then.

- converstaions like this;
him: have u found your iPod?, tell ur mummy to come and buy you iPad.
me: how much?, dash me now.
him: 200k.
me: *gasp* wait ooo 200 kobo or thousand??
him: vnt1009273 voice note. PLAY?
him: did you get my voice note?
me: lol, rotfl, stifling giggles..noo what voice note.
him: Ode.

i like to be silly and i like when people dont pretend to act serious when i get into silly mode.

- the flower growing on my neigbours fence that i can see from my bathroom window.
totally random, this plant/ flower/ shrub helps me pray. i see it hanging at 90 degrees every morning with nothing but a stem looking rather fragile holding it. when it was all green leaves i never noticed it, but in the last one year, every morning i took a bath at home in my bathroom and i saw this flower it had grown/bloomed into this beautiful plant/flower with yellow petals, and it made me soo thankful to God, for all the little things and big things.

yes i still cant reverse and i get carpet burns on the sole of my right foot when in traffic and all that, but i love it. it makes me happy. i cant explain it. i wonder why people are always so angry when driving. diff strokes/ diff folks.

-undiluted morning fresh.
this one particularly excites me, when i get home everyday i wash my hands in the kitchen with my thick greeen morning fresh. to me it just feels nice, and it means people always say" OMG u dont dilute ur morning fresh?" little pleasures i tell you.

-my body.
forget the rude boy mode im in now. pot belly and all. i love my body, its d reason i always sleep naked at his.:) well there are other reasons, but this one is a good reason.

-school,exams et all
i love how focused i come across, OMG u r writing ICAN u must be soooo intelligent. yes i am an attention whore.

this really should be boys, but i like female attention too. i dont want to show you all the facebook messages i have gotten lately. if i did you'll be asking what knid of person are you that you attract such people. well in my defence opposites attract.

-my girls.
i love my friends and im overtly protective of them. im one of those people that have mastered the art of taking panadol for someone elses headache. and no i am really good at it. infact im soo good at it, the offending party doesnt ever see the attacks coming.

-my friends in love.
these ones just give me a pointer of what i have refused to turn into. i get u love your man and all that but puh-lease can we drink water?? in peace? thank you. my home girls boo's bday is coming up, she wants to paint his room?? O__O. thats what i thought too. err are you a painter??? she said she would get a painter. *roll eyes* err what of the sitting room and the whole house...oh and by the way the said boo lives with his parents. i found this f-hilarious. like OMG im gonna drop dead from how silly people i know can get.

i LOVE the smell of boiling goat meat. i adore the smell of sweet corn in jollof rice. i love to cook. its the reason i have remained skinny all this while. cooking, the aroma used to fill me and i couldnt eat much. NOW i have a job and as i said, im sporting a belly.

mummy has soo spoilt us with holidays, my husband had better be stacked up cuz im taking a 4 week holiday every year, on his tab. the other 3 would be on mine. take note #dearfuturehusband.

-i have a landline.
and its nitel too. need i say more? well if u dont live in Nigeria, a nitel landline are equivalent too unlimited minitues. like seriously all the gossip in the world.. at my finger tips, bb has nothing on me.

-purple and yellow.
the combo of both colors hence the following make me happy: Ribena; Motions; and the outfit ciara was weraing in that" cant leave them alone video"

-my visuals.
i am strange, i see through people, and i see dead people.
ok thats just random, what i mean is i see people as thier characters. so if ur really nice and warm and ish you would be beautiful to me. insanely illogically beautiful. but if have a shitty character you will look like shit, esp with all that mac powder you have on.

-my new beauty regime.
i have gone natural. and i love it, my skin has cleared and my face smells like honey all day long. and what not.

-when i cry.
i cry over the most irrelevant things, a key i cant find, last time i cried was when i was at the saloon and i slept off and when i woke up i had these hideous dreads on my head. and i cried and cried and cried. im sure the hairdresser was shocked. and if u know me, you'll know i can cry and be happy.

-the hills
this shouldnt be here but i watched one episode and heidi and spencer are getting married. and heidi wants LC there and LC wont come cause she and spencer dont get along and what not. i like spencer tho, he reminds me a lot of my SO.

i write handwritten love letters, notes, cards and my writing is shiii but it makes me so happy. and i never actually give them out. so i keep them. i know i like to do that.

- saying NO.
i get a kick from saying no 1st. even if im gonna or i have already done it. yeah i know strange.

i want that toyWatch that is my profile picture. ive got about 10 watches now, and no im not a superstar YET. when i get there i would have THIRTY. yes one for every day of the month.

-sitting in on a friday night
going out is overrated jo.

my mum, my lover, my sibs, My God.
i guess i am a happy person because i can say no with ease. and im a tad unpredictable.

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