Friday, April 23, 2010

Work out plan.

*in sing song voice*

Thanks to kanye's work out plan, I'm the envy of all my friends *insert chopping mouth sound here* and I aint gotta work at the mall again.

*kanye voice* that's right to ur work, do them sit ups blah blah blah.

I know how much I hate chatting about a problem, hence my work out plan.

I devised a work out plan.

Really simple except I am really busy ( translation : I'm lazy as a pig)

So I skip 50 times a day. Or am supposed too anyways.

And do 60 crunches. 3 batches of 20 with a 90 second interval ( rest time)

I do this at 12am. And no I promise I'm not a witch.

Because skipping at work during lunch would be totally unrealistic now.

And I stop eating at 6pm.

Skipping is to reduce my overall body fat.

The crunches are 4 rock hard abs.

And no eating after 6 aids the crunches.

Its day 3 and all I've gained are:

Back pains from lying on the floor and

Yams from skipping.

Dear kanye and AN smith. Where have I gone wrong.

Today is supposed 2 be day 3. The pain of the crunches of day 1 and 3 are back with a vengance.

I shall continue my work out after my exams.

I told you I was busy (lazy)

And no I don't think yams are cute or sexy or whatever white ppl think.

Kanye just so u know, I'm suing, I feel cheated. :(

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Xabi (in my mind this is my name) said...

HAHA! Y do i love you?? I have no idea! Lmao! I think Anna Nicole Smith is dead tho..not sure! I wish i lived near u...u wud b the perfect exercie buddy! Or mayb not as we r both ridiculously lazy and like to complain...smh

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