Sunday, April 18, 2010

why Not??

I was gonna write a really personal post but last minute changed my mind. Because I'm having a conversation with my friend on black berry messenger.( I had 2 type that out cause of the silly symbol auto text thingy ) anyhoos. She likes this guy and they have been off and on for a bit. And what not. And they both came by 2 see me tonight. So as girls since the guy is my like my bestie I asked "what's up with u ppl?" And she goes I like him but I can't just be shagging him. I'm leaving in 2months.

Now I dunno if its just me but what is up with girls and time??? U are leaving in 2months why d hell won't u just live one day at a time???

So I asked "why not?" And she gave me a number of logical reasons why, non of which I endorse but since I respect and love her, I said ok. Whatever makes u happy. Altho I know she isn't.

Exam is in 29days Yes I'm counting. And I've had 2 cut short weekend holidays at lovers to one Nighters. Ewwww I hate it. Hissssss. I love the food there. Nono shut up. :d

Now there is some1 who follows my blog and reads every post. And comments on most, I know ur thinking duuuhh every1 who follows u reads ur post. Anyhoos. "Le dynamic professur" thank you. I appreciate it. And I want to follow you but I err do not know how to do that. *insert embrassed bbm emoticon here* like my technology skills are nothing to write home about. And to think I have an "NIIT" certificate. LOL.

Down to the bidness.

I drove to school today, and back alone without L plates. Well I had my hazard lights on my way to school. So I woke up today and I didn't feel like sitting in the back seat of a cab. So I said "why not drive" I mean I have been 2 driving school. I didn't take d tests or finish or anything like that. But I can move d car now abi?? So I "gingered" my aunty to let me drop her at church. She was rather reluctant. Buts she agreed, after we xouldnt find a cab.
Anyways I can't reverse. Well I didn't take d class so I just make it up as I go along.
And no I am not crazy. I just really like 2 drive. Actually I like to be in control. A these days a car is the most control I get over anything so. And funny I can actually really think, like analyze stuff while driving.

And there are a LOT of angry drivers in Lagos. And it was a sunday, why are u upset I mean its barely 9am who or what could have vexed you like this.

And I now know my way to Magodo. I drove to school, parked my car and took a bike/ motor cycle/ Okada there and it wasn't so hard to find. Lol. I am a lazy rat. Besides I like actually Love Okada rides. Don't ask me. I just really like it.

Found 2 songs I love driving too. Undertow. Timberland the fray Esthero.

Melt my heart to stone. Adele. It sounds a lot like burn but heyyyy.. I just love them both esp Undertow.

Now I have a couple friends that go off at every little thing their man does. Now I have a good man but he wasn't always a good man. And I wasn't always a good girl. And I am still a bad girl, but that's when I need to be if u get me. Anyways I keep wanting to tell my friends that its a mans world, and women make relationships work and. All that but I come off as a preacher. *sigh* but really its the women that do majorly all the work in relationships, if u are. Looking for a man that's gonna work in the relationship you may as well start living in a tyler perry movie. Now I am not saying there aren't good men, I'm asking what are you expectations from them? And change them. U ask why?

I ask Why not?? If your last 10 relationships ended the same way and you keep ending up back at square one. Err baby u have the problems. Go fix yourself, stop watching them movies and get ur act together. Revisit that loong ass lists of qualities I want in a man. For all u know you may be looking for mr Impossible. And no not MI. Like a man that doesn't exist.

When ever I look at my room I wonder if I am ready to move anywhere.

I'm scared. I hate saying that. However I can say it here because no one is gonna judge me. I am supposed 2 be going for a masters in January, and I haven't applied.

I am afraid I won't be able to make an LDR work.

I am afraid I'll hate my house mates there.

I am afraid my mother will make me go to the Uk and make me go from home.

I am afraid I will hate it.

I am not a fan of making new friends. All over again from scratch.

I know this because I am one of those diamond in a rough people. The type that are reeally nice but puts up a shield because that way its easier to sort out the people to let in. You know, kinda like I put up a wall not to keep anyone out but to see who is brave enough to break down the wall.

Now I'm afraid I can't put up a wall anymore. I love my friends here, my job (even tho I feel myself becoming redundant) my family, my routine.

And I'm going to leave all of that and go to some place where I can't come home in 2 hours. I went to school in yaba and Ota. I could get there via road. My mum could pull a surprise visit.

Not anymore. No more come downstairs, I'm outside calls.

And to think I just called out my friend at the beginning of this post for worrying about 2months. And if I don't get in in Jan I'll be around till may,or july or sept or sthg. Altho mummy is HELL bent on getting me outta the house next year.

Plus all her chiming of "when I was ur age I was married"

To my sister its " when I was ur age I had, had U and Ore"

Yes my mother has caught the marriage bug too. Some one must have told her grand children are some sort of validation to her peers. She keeps reminding us everytime she buys aso-ebi that she is doing this so that people will buy when she is selling, and we have refused to allow her sell.

It sounds funny but when you hear this everytime she comes into the room, it begins to grate on my nerves. But I still love her.

Maybe if I get knocked up without getting married. That way every one wins. I don't have to get married, and she gets her grand kids.

Hey.... Why Not?? :D

#np Human Nature. Mj.

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Nono said...

Hahahahaha.....but I didn't say anything na. Ore is a bully jo :p... Fatty bumbum *nw signing out till further notice* on a more serious note tho, I don't blame ur fren. 2 months is too short a time to base a long distance anything on. She has to ask herself just how deep her feelings for the guy are. if th answer is positive, she shld stop wasting her remaining 2 months n make th most of it.


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