Bigger person

Some kind of evil can not be overcome by good. Sometimes you need to overcome such evil with a greater kind of evil- Chronicles of Riddick. 

So today, I walked into my client site, one hour late- which was no ones fault but mine.

But my client saw me and tried to come and start talking smack,

OOOOOHHHHH I gave him the ela of HIS LIFE.

The ela should have been tagged Ela of life. So hot, hotter than Amala,

and let me tell you, it felt so damn good.

All that talk of being the bigger person and client first went right out the window.
You should have seen his face. He could not believe it was this same me that had been so nice and helpful these last weeks that was being so mean to him.

Like- I told him I am working round the clock to give you your account and I am going on leave on monday. if you do not give me whatever it is I need before close of business tomorrow just forget your account till I return from leave.  and some other things I wont say here, because I mean, who knows if one of my readers decides to employ me tomorrow.

Bottom line is this.  I have now transferred the aggression AND if he had a blog, I am positive he would be writing about how much of a bitch his auditor is.

Mission accomplished.


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