Mental Illness

I keep telling people that mental illnesses are real. But no one believes me.

I have this cousin, who I know, I am 1000% ( yes that is a thousand) sure that she suffers from middle child syndrome.

I have friends who exhibit serious bipolar characteristics- Up and down like  yoyos.

and most popular of all- Depression.

I know depression is real because I have experienced it before- Sometime earlier this year, or maybe it was just a lack of holiday.

I do not know, But this I know- a lot of people are imploding seriously because they have no one to speak to, no shrinks and they are not eager to make friends.

I now think maybe I should have studied pyscology  or something helpful.

What brought this one? I read this blogpost and I saw the comments- at least 12 people that commented said and I quote" That is my life".

I know 12 out of 6vbn people is really small. but its still scary.

I think this church business of the holy spirit being your best friend is for the birds.

Sometimes- You want to banter with your friends- Physically. go shopping or whatever it is that you do, with someone you can see?

Why did this really get to me?

Because I have been there before.

And no one should have to be there.


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