Saturday, October 6, 2012


My Uncle runs a logistics company.

While at my house tonight, he decided to gist us about his attempt to hire new drivers at start up.

So him and his manager "Jerry" were at the panel.

1st, he asked the staff to write application.

His received responses varied from

"Ah Oga leave that one abeg, no be by writing person dey drive bus. 10 years don nack I dey drive"

"Oga I can write only 1,2,3"

While some could actually write.

He decided to hire those who could write.

Noting his managers unease with the hiring process, he asked him " Jerry wetin?"

Jerry responded " Oga no be by writing"

Jerry was upset because some of his people* could not write and
Were not being hired.

So my uncle decided to have Jerry ask a few questions when the next applicant came in.

After asking all his questions, he then asked Jerry " Do you have anything you want to ask?"

Jerry then said yes. And took the floor.

Jerry " Name three major pot holes between shagamu and algbasegin"

Applicant : "When you pass shagamu small, then if you move right where the police stand used to be..."

Jerry Interupts " I said Major pot holes"

At this point, everyone erupts in laughter. We can not believe it.

After the applicant leaves, Jerry justifies his actions thus" See Oga, If the driver knows the pot holes are, he can start slowing down before he even sees it. If not the clutch is at risk, the passengers are at risk..."

My uncle says shut up. Ask all the questions you want. I will just be here watching.

Bottom line is this" the drivers who could write were shit. Those who knew the answers to Jerry's stupid questions- excellent drivers"

I do not know if there is a moral to this story.

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