Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bullet proof

And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground....(Malachi 3:11)

So this morning, I woke up and I didn't have fuel.

I just hopped in my sister's car and came to work.

Now I have the hugest crush on Tu-face, this is not gist.

I can totally understand his huge flock of baby mama's- Hell even I, want a piece.

Tubaba is Yummy as * insert yummy metaphor here*

I do not fight the crush I have on him. the way I fight the crush I have on Meek.

I embrace it. Enough of that.

I was in traffic idly clicking at the seek button on the steering wheel when the most amazing thing happened

Ihe neme came on! I had no idea it was on the cd.

Yeah yeah- Im a groupie of the person not his track listings.


So I am incredibly happy.

audit work is rounding up.

Im going to port harcourt.

LOL last night the lover sent me a picture- Turns out the wedding we attended, the photograper included us in the photo-book photo album

and he captioned it- "We are official baby!"

My lover can be cute sometimes.

My birthday is coming, at Yoga last night with tola ( whose blog change looks delish btw)

We were like OMG it has been a year since her surprise birthday party.

This year literally flew by!


Another year- Too many things to be thankful for.

We also spoke about something- That when you split with someone- Its normal to not want any of your friends to speak to your ex.

And she was trying to be a bigger person. and I was like- Bitch please, let us see road.

Personally speaking ( hypothetically offcourse) If I split with the lover. I do not even except any of my friends speaking to him.

I'm talking breeze treatment. ( Not like anyone speaks to him now)

But I'd expect 1000% ( yes a thousand ) loyalty on that front.

Obviously I am not a bigger person type of person. This is not something I am ashamed off, as a matter of fact, It is something I am beginning to embrace- The art of putting myself first.

I put family 1st all the time. best believe when it comes to friends- I am so exerting my self and it is something I am unapologetic about.

Anyways asides that- Something is making me incredibly happy.

And no- I'm still not ready to share.

* does a salsa spin*

Is it just me or there is something delicious about waking up next to a loved one.

And yes it is living in sin and all that- But it is so abso- fucking-lutely delicious. It makes me want to elope and never have to wake up alone ever again.

I just read the last two paragraphs. I AM a drama queen.

Who else is super happy when they make new play lists?

No one? Just me then. My  friends wedding is next week.

Still cant make up my mind about the dress. Well I have 2 dresses, but I want to make a third one.

What- I'm a work in progress. I struggle with obsession to buy/ make clothes, when the ones I have are sufficient.

But on the upside- My friends always come and cart them away. and what is left my sister colonizes.

Yes this is me rationalizing my behaviour.

I think- maybe I am becoming super impressionable.

I'm watching the Tv series- necessary roughness

-STOP how do I put movies on my Ipad?

Someone should tell me. I'm desperate.

anyway so I'm beginning to think I should see a shrink.

Except I have no problems. But I am itching to be hypnotized.

Anyways I'm sure it will pass.

I need a Holiday! dear Universe- Hear me.

I have been unduly excited of late. Not complaining just observing.

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