Friday, October 12, 2012

Newest Blog Obsession

When I find a blog I like- I read all the posts.

From the latest till the oldest- Forget about the work I'm paid to do, This is the shit I live for!

Personal blogs even better!

I even contact the writers for passwords of protected posts.


why? What is a stranger on the internet going to do with your post- asides plagiarize it?

I really really really hate those short story/ poet-y/ creative writer blogs.

They are borderline ninja status. and Irritate the hell out of the amebo inside my very soul. even more than laborious reading

HOWEVER, I have found one I like.

I have no idea IF it is a personal blog because the stories seem realistic at the same time so damn off, or it just gives off this ninja vibe.

Nothing personal- Yet I feel like I can know the person through the posts.

And the writer doesn't even know he/she does that- See? serious Ninja undertows.

Doesn't change the fact I like it though.

So here is my newest blog obession- How people write so properly sometimes baffles me

They must have so much free time at work - a part of me thinks.

Not really- another part replies. They are probably just patient enough to proof read whatever they throw up on the web.

so here- Newest obsession Blog  go on. click it. you know you are dying to find out what/who has my knickers in a twist like this.

The last time I went on a drive with my friend Debo- was two years ago.

Debo's car was bad so he rolled up in his sister's Rav4 and turned on the radio as I got in.

Tracy was playing.

We listened to fast car on repeat as we drove through lagos, from my house in Ikoyi. to our primary school in apapa, to his grand mothers house in Illupeju, through lagos Island where were went to seek out this pepper soup that has spaghetti in it back to my house.

And that was one of the best times I spent with Debo- Forget the fact that I always spend " best" times with him

So when I found my new obsession liked tracy- I knew the time had come to share.

Ps: I am LOWKEY excited about this party tomorrrowwwwwwwww! Like I can not wait!

*squeal* I need to make more friends that have parties- and get myself invited!


Lekan Adio said...
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Lekan Adio said...

Urggh, was trying to post anonymously. Stumbled on this blog. Love it

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