Queens College Yaba

If you did not already know.

Now you know.

I am a QCOG.

Queens college taught me some of life's best lessons.

It also gave me some of my best friends.

I honestly do not know how I would have turned out if I went anywhere else.

So to every QCOG out there. To my friends turned sisters that I found in QC. I'd like for us to say a word of prayer today. For our "princi's " Sojirin and Euler Ajayi. Our SBHM Juba for the House watchers " obi, ogunbekun Njoku and the likes"

For the teachers who touched our lives while we were there.

And for the friends we made in those 6/5/4 /3/2/1/ half years we spent there.

Those years were solid and dare I say some of the best of my life.
Happy 85th Birthday. Queens College.

Pass on the torch!


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