Shitty Clients

I hate my clients.

The way some People hate mother in laws. I hate all my clients. before I meet them. When I meet them. When I have to relate with them. I hate them

Why do I hate my clients- Every client rubs me the wrong way.

My clients are off the impression that they know it all.

My current client- does not know shit. I have had to carry out so much accounting function that I now have access to their accounting software.

And off course as an occupational hazard, you ultimately know a client that doesn't know shit. It is hard to have someone tell you you do not know shit. especially when it is true.

I found this out 1st hand while training at my current firm.

Bottom line is this.

Clients are the bane of my existence.
Quod me nutrit me destruit

Basically- In a nut shell that is the nature of my relationship with my clients.

They destroy me and at the same time I am able to actually do my work.

The nature of my job is destructive for my person. Its really simple.

I have to quit. soon- When? I do not know. but soon before, I find myself having to slap some sense into one of my clients.

And I know how strange that might sound, but I can not understand the rubbish most of them get up to.

Explain to me how you have a trial balance and you cant produce a schedule that agrees to that trial balance forget that you posted those entries and moved it into the trial balance your self.

My tolerance for bullshit is too low, I never should have been an auditor.

Random sidebar: Since my clients found out I had a driver- They have been tip toeing around me.

Like what does having a driver have to do with anything? Nigerians are too petty abeg.

Again my clients disgust me. but to be fair only this particular one. probably because they are super clueless.

Hopefully I don't get them next year.


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