The rubbish that is this country Nigeria.

I don't know why people keep saying Nigeria will be great.

I'm currently at the filling station. Trying to buy fuel.

And I assure you- this country is not headed for greatness.

Infact. If you can get out. Now will be a good time.

Tell me why this agbalagba* knows his tank is the right side of his car BUT he is on the opposite queue?

Like. I. Can. Not. Fucking. Deal. With Nigerians.

Then this wretched soul of a fool in front of me. Took jerrycan to go and buy fuel. And wasn't in the car when the queue finally moved.

Like I feel the overwhelming urge to walk up to him and spit in his face for being so ridiculously stupid.

I am so seriously irritated. I can not believe this country actually has oil.

I mean this totally defies all logic.

This anger is also as a result of the fact that I wwent to some government office that was supposed to close at 5.

I got there at 4:35pm and turns out all the staff had left- why?

To go and sit in the staff bus.

The staff bus doesn't leave till 5:30.

Like you would rather sit in the bus for an hour than actually do
what you are paid to do?

This foolish person beside me wearing suit that looks like what carpenter made- actually had the guts to try to shunt the queue when it finally moved.

Offcourse I told him off. From the bus drivers Yes.

But fromyou who is educated- because I am sure you are coming from work. I won't take such retarded behaviour.

Best believe I gave him an earful of all. And some extra.

Its because of idiots like him that I'm advising people to jump ship.

Its people like the wretched soul in the red mitsubishi that I hate driving in Lagos.

People these are the people whose evil can not be over come with good. But a greater kind of evil.

Probably 20 strokes of cane.


Agbalagba* - Old person in Yoruba. Usually used to describe someone who is engaging in a shameless act.
This word is perfect, because most Yoruba older men are lacking in shame.


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