Thursday, October 4, 2012

Addictions & Nicotine Patches

For if any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally...( James 1:5a KJV)

I am addicted to online shopping.


I have a party on saturday and I have spent the whole morning scouring the internet looking for what site to devour me- in a bid to find the perfect out fit.

and hair style and what have you.

I wonder why people hire stylists when the internet is readily available.

For my people perish for lack of knowledge.

Anyway this is a cry for help.

I closely contemplating cutting up my card- as I spend too much from it

I am practically a debit card ninja- swiping away and typing away my card number at ever given opportunity I get.

Its horrible.

If it is so horrible- tell me why I wont stop?

I rationalize the buying by telling myself- i work so hard- I should spoil myself.

Which I should- BUT at the same time I am a strong disciple of delayed gratification.

I am addicted to Online shopping FROM ASOS!!!!

And plastic payment.

This whole cashless movement is pretty much gonna wreck me very soon.

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Erin... said...

You and me both. I hate physical shopping. Online shopping was made for me.
I spend so much it is unhealthy. The worst part is that I have someone that comes to Nigeria regularly so I just buy and send it to her house.
I need to stop buying!!!
If you find a cure please let me know

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