Thursday, March 30, 2017

Say that

Because I always have spare time these days,
I keep running well, not running
but being able to visit more people than I should

That is how yesterday I was with my other rapper friend T, (not to be mistaken with my favorite Yoruba boy T, who is actually moving home in 2 weeks)

Anyway so we are sat in my car and my iPod is on shuffle and keeps playing the sort of stuff I like and listen to and he looks at me and says

 Your soul is so old.
The sort of music you listen to has me thinking you are 33-34.

*slight chuckle*

Find a video of one of the things I now currently enjoy.

Say That.

Got me thinkin' bout I do
To you I always would be true
and I know you feel it too.

Yall know I can't be bothered about comments but my girl Wendlyn who writes the most stunning stunning beautiful blog here left me the most delicious comment.

It is such high praise.

Thank you.

Honorable mention,

To the people who reach out to ask me if I am okay- despite how awkward the conversation might degenerate to- Thank you soooo much. For your concern. Hopefully it is from a good place.

And yes, I am Okay*.
Trying my best and finding that Enjoyment can really not kill you.

* Okay is relative. 

But I will be fine.

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