Thursday, March 16, 2017

Perceptions, Inception and Deception


I usually do not care but yesterday I was telling someone how I went to the maket and entered Keke and okada and he was like

*scratch pause* you did what?

Me: went to the market

Him: no not that the other stuff

Me: What other stuff?

Him: the one when you entered keke?

Me: The sun set is so pretty tonight.

I swear I'm fake bougie. If you can even say I am bougie.

I meannnn, I like the finer things (who doesn't?) but I have lived long enough to know that

obtaining the finer things take time, money and these are things I generally haven't lived long enough for and I can't afford.

I mean before I gave up twitter I already mentioned that I planned to buy myself my first Chanel purse to celebrate my 30th and my first child's birthday.

Asides the fact I have re-evaluated the child benchmark; the exchange rate adjusted for inflation with my salary means I have to shift it to 35.

I'm not beating myself up over it.

I agree that I enjoy to be pampered. I like to pamper the people in my life, today my friend said

" You probably make everyone's life easier"

And I think that because I'm one of those " To know me is to love me people", the perceptions that people have do not bother me too much.

But I feel like maybe because I do not wear struggle well, people assume that struggle doesn't exsist or was not a formative part of my life.

It's odd because I don't have those assumptions about me.

I can not even believe that someone will use the term "Spoilt" to describe me.


Yesterday I decided to stop complaining about my new job.

And today I came in at 8:30. Resumption time is 8am and I usually do a 9:20 ish average arrival time.

Change is here.

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