Sunday, March 26, 2017

List 12: List your best qualities

Because I am unrepentant about how much I hype and gas myself, I decided to ask a few people who I spend time with and I would say are my friends and know the real me to a certain degree " what are my best qualities?"

No names because I do not have power to separate fight


Names included.
Comments in italics are mine.

Sassy: Your ability to infiltrate any gathering and draw people to yourself effortlessly (as chairlady bad bishes and head honcho Pretty Gang) and your organizational skills

Bunny: You do everything with zeal and gusto (asides go to work obviously),
You are kind and generous,
You love hard and deep ( I doooo, I do not know if this is a quality sha) and
you are loyal.

Princess:  Err. Resilience. Qualities as in?

Sbaby: Resilience & Resourcefulness

CEO: Ha you have plenty ( but she somehow managed not to list any)
Update: Strong willed and  grounded

M: Keeping in touch ( which is really good to know since I am rather flaky)

Singer: You are very good at encouraging people

Local Rapper: Your happy vibes and your ability to ginger enjoyment ( Yes that would be me)

Creative: Having a laugh ( Oookay- whatever this means)

Hajiya Savage 1: Very resourceful, tenacious, kind and intelligent (wipes tear)

I also posted the question on snap chat

The graffiti artist : Your ability to think very fast

The married man: Enjoyment

MA: Speaking hard truths right from Jss1 ( I find it strange I have friends from over 15 years ago and I also love it- means I'm not THAT bad a person)

Happiness: Go-getter (some people would say I am predatory), resourceful, Smart,
 Brings people together (Perhaps the time has come to form a political party?),
Strong (meh )

Common denominators include

- Resilience
-Enjoyment Ministress

I would like to add to this list even though NO ONE thought to mention it.

I am badass at money management no really I have a guy on the DL for everything.
and if I find that my guy can't do it. I find a guy of my guy.

Basically I'm a really good fixer for cheap too.

and I do not know if this is a good quality but people like me. A Lot.

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wendewanderlust said...

Incredibly bold. Frighteningly unapologetic. I will never forget you hitting the car and getting the police man taking our driver away to stop in shock. Damn, I stopped in shock! LOL! But you possibly saved us that day. I think to be so completely self-assured, even when low key you don't have things all together, is a vital skill and a great talent.

And you're genuine. That's a big deal.

-Wendelyn...I found you on these mean e-streets, fam!xx

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