Monday, March 20, 2017

Dear Universe

I mean its lent.
But yeah.

Also want need to meet new people who do not marvel at how intelligent I am.

Ps: Does this mean people think I am a ditzy blonde?
Pss: I think I have love life down to a science

I had such a delightful weekend, I spent the whole Saturday with my mum and I ended up picking out and framing some art, I think I want to give out some art as presents.

I think I would start this week.

Sunday was reallllly perfect.

Teeto says my life looks like a vacation and I'm the ultimate baby boy.

I'm like hmnnn. you people do not even try to look behind the scenes. 

Also I swear I must have been very good because there is a new James Blunt album that doesn't come out till the 24th.

A cursory google search will tell you the name and other details so go and look it up.

My current fave song is " Don't give me those eyes". 

Last night my iPod randomly shuffled onto "you are beautiful" and I was like ahn ahn, won't we get any more music from him and today while suffering from weekend withdrawal and a random cold that I only seem to get when I come to work, I see he has a new album like YASSSSSSSSS.

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