Friday, March 3, 2017

I'm trying to stop telling lies
and I'm trying to stop shopping

Why do people think I do not  do anything serious? A mutual friend of mine said she thought I worked for the government!


I'm trying to go and get a pedicure and its just 11:51am. So maybe I can see why people would think I worked for the government.

Also my friends say i'm such a huge flirt.

This is crazy because I might be a slight misanthrope. 

I enjoy living in the moment, but when I get out of the moment, it has passed I'm not likely to call you or follow up or anything

And sometimes I realize I do not even like the people much.

I do not even know for me again.

Remember how maybe 3 posts ago I was missing my bath tub

I'll tell you on monday how I got to spend the weekend. most of it in this uber luxe lush establishment  and I just sat in the tub with my kindle reading and my favorite candle from miami 4 years ago.
No one should ask me why I have a candle from Miami from 4 years ago!

Also I'm trying to give more and use the things I keep for myself.

Ash really reminds you how you can't get out of life alive and you can't take anything with you anyway so.

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