Sunday, March 5, 2017

List 9: The things you treasure the most

I have about 3-4 journals that I wrote in diligently for almost 5 years. I read them now and laugh so much as how sitting on a boy's laps  and sipping from his bottle (totally unsanitary btw) at the club was something concrete to the effect of how serious our relationship was.

My journals are precious to me. I actually let a few people read them. makes them see me in a different light.

- My family.

-My ipod and ipad and maybe my speakers
I love my music and I love my books

My friends offcourse

But this list is difficult to collate primarily because I get tired of things easily.

Like I was so excited about owning a lava lamp and now it sits gathering dust at my bed side

But it aids sleep

Asides the relationships I have. I'm building and cultivating I do not think I have a lot of physical things I treasure.

I treasure long luxurious baths.

and friends who accept my flakiness.

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