Monday, March 6, 2017

Hashtag blessed

I had the most delicious weekend.

It was a most deserved weekend away that I had encountered in a long time.

And I want to talk about all of it but as usual, I am a bit wary of how much I should be saying and in these last few days, months really I have been struggling with if I am over sharing, controlling narratives about me and just generally if there is TMI swirling around the vortex that is Lagos gist sewer about me

And I never worried about this ever.

Anyway, if you are on my snap, you know what I got up to.

I have no idea if I mentioned that I along with the usual suspects for lent I gave up Twitter.

If you follow me on Twitter, you would know that this is the real dying to flesh.

I had to, because I was constantly on there round the clock and even though I fostered enough amazing relationships on there, I needed to wean myself off.

Along with twitter I need to leave pettiness behind.

I'm struggling with this one, forgiveness is unusually difficult for me, usually you'd just be dead to me but now, I want to talk through the whole thing.
 I am trying to mend relationships/build new relationships.

I think i'm failing at this.
I give up too quickly.
My friend says things come too easily to me, and I get flustered when things do not.

I know a few people think this,  it is not true.

Categorically  untrue.

I saw a play on Saturday with my girl M and OMG it was soooo good.
She looked at me and said- You are shrinking. Are you okay?
Me: I should be an actress *shrug*

I need to actually learn how to swim.
because I'm ready to lock my hair and get my body right

Lately since the last thing I do before I sleep is pray and not tweet, I wake up with a song in my head .

Today's song  was a bit strange because I do not think I had heard it before, but the words were in my head. So a quick google search and boom:

*cue water works*

Death could not hold you down,
You are the risen King
and today You are seated in Majesty
You are the risen King.

I am thinking of going to Benin Republic for a weekend but in the usual manner of these things my plug connect has no trust in me.

Why did my nail guy vanish from the face of the earth and now I have got a regular mani and because of what I got up to over the weekend, I have chipped nails. FFS its Monday.

Who starts the week with slightly chipped nails.

Slight update: T is moving back to Lagos.

He had spoken about this thing for so so long that I can't actually believe he is coming home.


I told him last night when I spoke to him that how will he deal with darkness. He said and I quote " I am willing to spend as much as I need to ensure there would be no darkness in my life" 

Me: yeah cool, lets revisit this in 6 months.

Both of us: Burst into laughter.
And to think he is coming a month earlier than we spoke about.

Anyway more Yoruba boys to fill my days and nights in Lagos.

I want to give more.

I'm worried I'm not giving enough.

Please if you feel it in your spirit that there is something I can help out with, it doesn't have to be to your benefit.

There are always people in need and I feel like I do not do enough and it eats at me.

Still giving away clothes because, no one needs this many clothes.

I just realized I have maybe 20 black dresses.

I plan to start wearing color.

Speaking of color, stumbled across the new beauty & the beast video with John L & Ariana  and OMG stunning.

Beauty & the Beast is one of my fave Disney cartoons so I really hope the IMAX shows it in 3d when it comes out, I mean IMAX isnt even showing LOGAN 3D?

anyways videoooo:

Barely even friends
then somebody bends- unexpectedly
Just a little change
small to say the least
both a little scared
neither one prepared
beauty & the beast.

Show me a more iconic love story? I'll wait.

I mean Belle is literally every Nigerian man's dream
Be a stunner and settle in to marry a man that was rude to a witch and got turned into a beast and is so damn rude to all his house staff.

Listen she is the one.

None the less. Can. not. wait. Ah!

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