Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Dear Instagram, International Women's Day and other stories

This shit has to stop.
For real.

I still cant post multiples on Instagram after,

Deleting said app
Re downloading said app
Deleting it from I tunes
Signing into my friends phone
Nothing works.
Listen Instagram, Facebook Mark Zukerberg:
 I. Want. To. Pepper. Them.
At my wits end help.

International women's day quote remains the same from last year

God made man, then he had a better idea.

Other stories

I'm having lots and lots and lots of conversations about myself with the people who know me and I realize how badly behaved I am.

And even worse, how little it bothers me.

How someone be so badly behaved and casually unbothered at the same time?

So unbothered it hurts me on some plain, but in real life I do not care, and I know this is true because I am so one track mind if I wanted to change something I'd put my back into it.

Someone asked me if I was a last child today, I said yes- I come from a long line of last children.


She was slightly confused.

Are middle children not supposed to be happy happy happy?

I am wearing the most delicious dress to work today and to be honest if I do not get a query about it then I might just be home Re: work place structure.

Said dress is so inappropriate.

Co-worker said I'm mysterious. too many layers to me.

I said we are the sum of our experiences and I am very very very experienced. *insert raised eye brow here*

Someone else said he thinks girls like me are dangerous.

#Triggered because, I am nothing if not kind and gentle and all antonyms of dangerous.

Okay maybe slightly.

I'm finding myself in lots of difficult conversations about women, and I am thankful everyday that my life is pretty good example of myth debunking.

My Kamokini swimsuit makes me a swan.

Ps: Still constantly listening to the Divide Album.
And my heart. please.

Pss: Perfect is actually supposed to be my first dance song. A girl can dream, because all your dreams are valid.

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