Friday, March 10, 2017

In a bid to stop crying so much,

I wore eyeliner today.

It hurts/stings so much when you get teary eyed end it enters your eyes.

Still constantly listening to the Divide Album. It is so perfect.

Side bar: you guys need to go and listen to it and tell me your favorite songs.

Mine are currently: Castle on the hill, Dive, Perfect, Hearts do not break around here, Supermarket flowers and Save myself.

I know I know.

But Perfect is literally the most perfect song.

So I opened a new Instagram account and guess what? it has the multiple thingy/ Did someone report me to instagram?

My friends and I try to have dinner once a month but today if we get around to going it would mean that I would have to sit and wait for roughly 40 mins waiting for my party.

Not a problem.

Except for some reason now, there is a neon beam on my fore head. I can literally not go anywhere.

Toasters. Oh Lord.

Are you okay-ers.

Can I join you-ers. ( Always no)
May I join you-ers ( Maybe)

Why is a pretty girl like you sitting alone.

TIRED.  And I'm not even team yellow bone.

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