Saturday, March 25, 2017

Honesty Hour

I am overwhelmed with how much gratitude I have coursing through my body at this very moment
I am truly thankful for my life and how it is panning out.
Which is strange because
I hate when things do not go my way-BUT
2017 has shown me that there is a better plan
A master plan if you will
that has the good days and the bad days working towards 
fulfilling the plan.
So I got out of the driver's seat and I have been so overcome
by how easily it is all coming to me.

When I moved back home, my mother (bless her) told me that the things she struggled
the hardest for, job changes, relationships whatever never worked out because
there was always something better around the corner. 
She said
" It would be a good lesson to learn at this point in your life"
But I'm a go-getter with a one track mind.
You can't lead the person with the map girl-
get in formation.

I have spent the first quarter of 2017 getting in formation
and goodness me.
I am overwhelmed
And if you read my blog/ follow me on S/M
you'd know my life is pretty decent by all standards
So imagine it now.
Unto him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above
ALL that we think or ask or imagine or fantasize or daydream of

I am grateful for 
the big things- My Job, My Holiday, My Family, Lent
for the small things- how amazing yesterday was
for the things in between- Things that can not be written but Lord,
last night was amazing.

It is always the randomest things that set off the flame of hindsight and you are just out here connecting the dots like you are an astronomer and the tarantula nebula is in your path.

Be anxious for nothing
the person that holds the map and has charted the course of your life
see's the whole photo
is able to do immeasurably more than you can imagine.
And that should be enough confidence for you.
It's turning out to be enough for me.

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