Thursday, November 10, 2011

the truth

i believe Nigerians are settlers.

After trawling the internet instead of working... whatever sue me.

I found another piece that proves my point.

Nigeria’s current predicament is the result of the constant promotion and elevation of mediocrity. Every time a corrupt, non-performing public official is given a free pass because he is ‘our son’, every time a contract is awarded to the least capable bidder because of patronage, every time ‘federal character’, ‘zoning’, or ‘rotation’ is used to smuggle in clueless individuals, this nation sinks a little deeper.

The bar for what is regarded as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ in our society has been lowered to an alarming extent. It is everywhere: in our music, our movies, our sports, mediocrity is accepted and promoted. The same things we tolerate in our politics, are the same things we tolerate in our aspects of our national life.

Nigeria is a nation of rationalisers, ‘toleraters’ and ‘managers’.- Joachim MacEbong.

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